Surrey is the most heavily wooded county in England and the Surrey tree wardens play an active role in caring for their local trees. Similar schemes exist throughout England and new volunteers are always welcomed by enthusiastic groups. Your local, borough or county council should have information about local groups

More information about the Surrey scheme can be found on their website:

Contact can be made via e-mail:

or with the chairman Adam Owen  by phoning: 01483 444718

So, what do tree wardens do exactly? Well, depending on the area and interests of the local group their jobs can vary but some of the more usual ones are listed below.

        Planting of local roadside trees to help the environment

        Caring for these trees so that they grow and thrive

        Helping to protect threatened trees

        Gathering useful information about local trees

        Where appropriate, giving general advice about trees (although not usually about safety) or pointing people towards an expert.

        Spreading the word about the importance of trees ( schools or local groups etc.)

        Helping to raise funds for special projects


Tree wardens are not necessarily experts but the things they have in common are their enthusiasm for trees and the environment and their wish to encourage others to think about the importance of these for the present and future generations.